Britney Documentary

Stop! Really! I beg you…

America’s most famous white trasher and Photoshop queen – Britney Spears, has gone and made a documentary (albeit an MTV one.) Evidently the girl who’s life is played out in every tabloid rag across the world isn’t satisfied with the play by play coverage of her iced-coffee runs and wants to make amends.

“There’s a lot that people don’t know about me that I wants them to know,” Spears states in one promo.

Lets think about that Brit-Brit. You’ve flashed your coochy (more then once), cracked and been carted off in an ambulance, hooked-up with a pap and ran off to Mexico (one who you assuredly knew was making beaucoup $ from hooking up with you), lost custody of your kids, lost control of your own estate, bombed a major (lip-synching) performance (on the same network) due to your hard partying and have had every shopping/coffee run/club run, et al – covered on film and pics…. did I forget anything? Oh yeah, you security detail manhandles women pap-pers to get you from door to car even after your “people” leak intel on your whereabouts.

I know you have another lip-synching project due out (which was leaked in its entirety online,) but really girl, what the fuck!
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