Cupid Hits the Heart

ABC’s Cupid is a big bang!

Granted, I am a huge sap! Give me a happy ending and I get all teary.

Throw in handsome men (and this show guarantees to deliver one tall 6.2 1/2 strapping 30-something in the lead) and well on my knees with my underwear around my ankles!

Bobby Cannavale in all his manly love inducing do-gooder role shines, while Sarah Paulson is charming and balances the premis.
Once I got past the obvious (it took me a minute) I was completely engrossed – absorbed into the storyline and teary for the “love crosses oceans” theme.

Finally a reason to turn on my flat screen! Congrats Bobby. I have somewhere for you to shoot your arrow into, whenever you are ready!
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