Applegate in Riverdale

Christina Applegate could be found in Riverdale, NY this past week, while shooting scenes from the romantic comedy “Going the Distance.”

The film also stars the reformed bad girl – Drew Barrymore, and her on-again, off-again love, Justin Long.

This being three of my favorite folks, I had to try to pay the set a visit a some point. But I could have pulled out a molar quicker than getting a pic of any of them.

Ms. Applegate was said to be “under the weather.” More often than not this is a phrase I have always found to mean lady problems. Although, Ms. “Samantha Who” executive producer was feeling good enough to go from the trailer to the van, and from the van to the inside of the house they were shooting at quickly enough. Perhaps she popped some Midol without telling anyone…

When we attempted to barter with security for the opportunity of an unobstructed photo (it happens,) they returned to say that Ms. Barrymore was going to be shuttling it due to being hit on set. You figure that one out…

So in the end this pic is all I came away with! Thanks a bunch Kelly Bundy!

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