Jessica Szohr: Holmes Premiere

Much hoopla has been made over Blake Lively’s attendance at the “Sherlock Holmes” NY premiere.  True that her lace ultra-mini black ensemble was cute for basic black; but girl is a wreck attempting to supermodel her stop-and-repeat carpet moment.  She has but one pose that incorporates a three point head movement – then repeats.

Jessica Szohr on the other hand is natural and unaffected in her delivery!  She also takes que easily (ask for an over the shoulder and girl works it with a smile!)  Can’t say that for her Gossip Girl co-star.  Lively can’t simply facilitate an over the shoulder to save her relationship.  Not within her range, I reckon which is a bit sad given that its a standard pose.

So instead of rewarding the inept, I figure to showcase that which delivers!

Here is Ms. Szohr on the carpet doing her duty with ease.  Work it our girl.

Jessica Szohr Works the Carpet at Holmes NY Premiere

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