Penn Badgley and Connor Paolo: GG Set Buddies

Connor Paolo and buddy Penn Badgley walk to the Gossip Girl set in Brooklyn

Gossip Girl hotties Connor Paolo and Penn Badgley proved to be the best of buddies during their on-location shoot in Brooklyn, NY a few days ago. 

I turned a corner and bam!  There they were shooting the breeze and my heart skipped a beat! 

The duo pal’ed around prepping for their scene together and casually chatted while walking unescorted to the set for rehearsals.  

Of course that is before the swarm of fans got wind of it and security stepped in and spoiled it for them.  And once Chace Crawford arrived things were getting heated.  

I can’t fault any of them as it is quite easy to lose yourself in that beauty.   

The show has officially wrapped filming and won’t be back for a good while so for now, we will have to make do with watching the WB hit on TV.

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