Sam Worthington: Letterman Titan

Aussie Sensation Sam Worthington Promotes "Clash of the Titans" Remake on Letterman

Here is down under sensation (thanks James Cameron,) Sam Worthington – of Avatar fame, leaving a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday.

Mr. It made a slew of paps angry upon his arrival by promptly rushing into the stage door only to be followed by booes.  He appeared a little more amenable to the photo-op on his departure and graced the gathered masses with a few moments.  Hmmm… 

Worthington is presently busy promoting his new flick “Clash of the Titans,” the remake of the 1981 hit starring Harry Hamlin.

Now I’m not going to judge Mr. Man – his performance in that little Cameron flick was impressive – but I am not totally sold on his reprisal of the iconic role so innocently portrayed by Hamlin.  I am most curious to see how he will fill those Greek sandals! 

Hamlin was (and still is) the embodiment of all things Perseus.  The film, although preceeding the advances of CGI, is a classic and credits a cast that only rivals “Caligula” in its star power.  Lets face Liam Neeson is no Laurence Olivier!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging – simply making an observation.

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