Jessica Simpson: NYC Difficult Subject

Jessica Simpson Gets Escorted into Her NYC Hotel on April 19th After Arriving from LA

Here is one to wrinkle your freshly pressed Prada suit as you writhe on the floor with laughter!  Jessica Simpson – the queen of media whores, who’s entire career has been built on photo-ops as opposed to actually having any tangible talent, proved to be difficult with awaiting photographers and “fans” yesterday at JFK airport! 

Girl not only went through the lenghts of pulling a bait-and-switch exit strategy upon arriving on a AA flight from Los Angeles, but then had her people block her as she got into her waiting SUV only to then drive around the airport on a chase (I wasn’t one of them!) and return to the terminal to claim her luggage!  Ain’t that some shit?

But wait – it gets richer!

It was recounted to me how her butch driver alerted police upon crossing thru the Midtown Tunnel toll to have the cars following stopped.

When simpson arrived at her hotel, she then had multiple reps and security personnel greet her car to escort her into the establishment for her two day stay.

Jessica Simpson folks!  Seriously, WTF?  I wonder if things might have played out differently had I waved a hoagie in her face…

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