Chace Crawford: Pot Bust in Texas

This has got to suck for Chace Crawford!  The clean cut Gossip Girl star was busted in Plano, Texas on Marijuanna possession in the early Friday morning hours, TMZ exclusively reports.

Crawford allegedly was busted with a friend outside a pub with an unlit joint at the ready.   Didn’t even get to smoke his shit! 

He has since bonded out on bail.  The charge runs a risk of six months in jail.

But here is the keepsake mug shot for posterity.

Being on the legalize marijuana side of the debate, I for one don’t condone wasting tax-payer $$$ on something as pety as marijuanna possession.  If folks want to smoke weed – let em, dammit.  Who is that hurting? 

Surely there are more grievous offenses occuring in the United States than this nonsense.

But busted he was.  But have you ever seen anyone’s mug shot make them look this fucking pretty?  DAMN.

Chace Crawford - seen here at the 09 Elton John OSCAR Viewing Party, Busted for Pot Possesion in Tx

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