Russell Brand: Arthur Film Set

Russell Brand greeted by a flock of fans while filming Arthur in NYC

Russell Brand landed himself the classic 80’s Dudley Moore “Arthur” part and has run with it.

Assuredly there are varying differences between the two leads – one has long deceased – and differing storylines.  But the premise of the role is still the same: over indulged and well to do trust fund child with no official direction, boozing it up and that of a playboy in Gotham.  Hmmmm…

I wonder if the suits had a moment of eureka with Brand and simply rushed to dust off the retro script for fear of passing up the chance of someone who could possibly relate to the theme…

Just a thought…

No matter really, we are sure Brand will knock it out of the park!

Brand stepped out of his trailer in Midtown yesterday and was immidiately flanked by awaiting and adoring fans.  Lightheartedly, he took the time to pose and greet all present before taking a call and proceeding to walk to the set.

Gotta love the Brits!


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