Michelle Rodriguez: Tropic of Blood Premiere

Michelle Rodriguez is all smiles for the Latino Int'l Film Festival "Tropico de Sangre" World Premiere

I have long had a love affair with Michelle Rodriguez.  She is one bad-ass beauty.  She has a tendency of shooting from the lip – as she sees fit.  Something I simply adore.  It doesn’t hurt any that she is talented and tackles her roles with a whole lot of sass!

And Latina can style a pair of stilettos to boot.  What however she was doing wearing a biker leather jacket on a hot & humid ass NY summer day is something I can’t touch right now!  I’m still cooling down – give me a minute.

But this misgiving aside, I required little else motivation to rush my ass up to Washington Heights to cover the NY Latino International Film Festival’s world premiere of “Tropico de Sangre” (that’s “Tropic of Blood” for all you lazy asses who slept thru your Spanish classes in High School.) 

The film is a bio-pic involving the Trujillo era wrong-doings and the theat the Mirabel sisters created to his 30 year reign in the Dominican Republic.  No small one for sure.

I only wonder how long the film runs cuz Trujillo was reportedly worse than Castro!  And less liked.

Alas, I was not afforded a press tix to the prem so I will have to dig out that Chase debit card come pay day and upon the films release.  Pepper spray at the ready and a night at the movies it shall be – just to be safe.

Also in notable attendance:  Juan Fernandez, Celines Toribio, Claudette Lali and Henry Santos.

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  1. #1 by Macedonian Girl on July 30, 2010 - 10:14 AM

    Michelle Rodriguez, sexy as hell even with that biker leather jacket on a summer day.

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