Blake Lively: The Town Boston Star Studded Premiere

Cast members - Chris Cooper, Rebecca Hall, John Hamm, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively premiere "The Town" in Boston's Fenway Park

“The Town” premiered in Boston’s Fenway Park – costar Ben Affleck’s old stomping grounds –  last night and, given our penchant for being on the open road, we simply had to take a base on the arrivals line for the star studded event. 

And aren’t we are glad we did! 

By the looks of this uber talented turn out consisting of the beautiful and statuesque Rebecca Hall, uber masculine Jeremy Renner, blonde bombshell Blake Lively, “Mad Men’s” handsome John Hamm, toned hottie Penn Badgley, daddy mostest Matt Damon – whose wife is with child, again!  (and why shouldn’t she be, we would be too,) and the talented Chris Cooper all assured us that this testosterone driven flick will hit a home run.

Not only was this well worth the effort but it marked our 1st time in a baseball stadium!  Woohooo. 

True that there weren’t any jocks running around in some tight spandex pants full of balls and bats – running our bases – but we ain’t complaining with this line up.

The only thing we were left jonesing for was a two shot of the hometown heroes – Affleck and Damon – together.  Especially after Damon told us about the duo having served as extras “with about 10,000 other” folks in the same stadium way back when.

You guys have come a long way, baby!

The cast graciously thanked the press line for the support and I was touched.  “I hope you guys will come and see it,” Affleck offered.  “Will you guys stay to to watch it tonight or are you guys being kicked out,” he asked with his signature smirk.  “Kicked out,” replied one photographer.

It’s the thought that counts and given me and my teams commute back to a NY state of mind we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the opportunity of viewing a movie in a ball park no how. 

But we sure do appreciate you asking sweetness.  Rest assured we’ll take you up on it next time!

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