Jonah Hill Exclusive: The Sitter Set to Wrap Filming Shortly

RTnM Exclusive: Funny man Jonah Hill caught arriving on the set of The Sitter

Jonah Hill is much heralded as a funny man extra-ordinaire.  We don’t really see it personally.  Not in the same light as John Candy anyway.  Now there was a funny man!  But funny he is said to be and people like him.

And who are we to argue with all of y’all.  It’s Monday morn – way too early in the week and much too cold to get into a catfight over such trivialities.

So when we heard he was nearby, filming scenes for his upcoming flick “The Sitter,” which has been filming in and around NYC for an eternity, we thought ‘why not?  It can’t hurt to get a few frames.’

Granted, it’s been a bit since we have paid a film set a visit.  We’ve been busy with other things – like living our lives for one. 

Admittedly, when last we saw Hill it was back on the “Get Him to the Greek” set opposite Russell Brand.  We didn’t much pay chubby-poo much attention at the time – and if Brand had been on the set it would have likely gone the same route.   (We are nothing if not consistant.)  But this time around Hill is the top biller and as luck would have it he was on set alone.

Cool, we thought.

We dutifully waited for a few hours and upon his arrival we truly did think Hill would be cool with having us paying him a bit of homage.

Boy were we wrong!

We managed to get a few good frames as he got out of his SUV before a few lone “autograph” seekers pounced.  We waited a little bit more thinking he’ll grace us with a smile and a wave – as he did them… wrong again.

Hill gave a look back to us and we could see him through our telephoto lens telling his security, with a snarl, to get us far from him.


The part we don’t ever understand is how celebs, like Hill, will sign photos, which at times were taken by paps, and pose with such folks for pics and immidiately turn sinister on our team…? 

Those signatures on said photos get mass copied and sold online and in markets around the country – without them paying a royalty to the scribe.  That is a multi-billion $$$ business. 

Whereas our photos garner them free publicity! 

Ain’t that some shit?  There is irony there somewhere but as I said, it’s Monday morning and way toooooo cold to find it.

Recent news puts Hill next starring with Channing Tatum in a remake of 21 Jump Street.  Hmmmm……

“The Sitter,” we were told, will wrap filming very shortly.


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