Ron Perlman: Season of the Witch Premiere

Ron Perman flashes his pearly whites at the Season of the Witch NYC premiere

Nicolas Cage  stars opposite Ron Perlman, Claire Foy and hottie Robert Sheehan in the dark looking “Season of the Witch,” directed by Dominic Sena (you might recall his “Swordfish” success.)  We caught up with the foursome at the films NYC premiere, held at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square, last night.

Cage has been on a period piece kick of late.  You may remember his last foray into the genre, which failed to live up to the lauded fanfare.  “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” came and went quicker than you could finish reading this sentence.

But we have to admit that this here little project could potentially restore his creds.  Sena does have a certain pinache in reeling in the viewers into his projects.

We may also be slightly bias about that summation as we are spellbound by all things mystical.

No matter…  We will give it a look see upon it’s release on January 7th, and we’ll let y’all make up your own minds.

Other notable attendees:  the talentless wonders comprised of Brittny Gastineau, Jill Zarin and Ramona Zinger.  We’ll keep Kelly Choi and Peasant Girl – Rebekah Kennedy out of the previous mentions.

You may wonder ‘if they are so talentless, why bother mentioning them?’ and you would be justified in doing so.  I make mention of them cuz Zarin in particular has a habit of loitering about on a carpet endlessly waiting to double back and jump into more photos with someone else she thinks may make a “good” photo-opt! 

If not ushered off the carpet, she will linger until they are pulling up the said carpet and taking down the lights! 

Yes, child, it’s that bad.

One particular observation was a certain hotness who arrived along with Nole Marin (once a judge on America’s Next Top Model.)  So hot in fact we bypassed shooting Marin to get a pic of his fineness (even though he attempted to blend into the background.)  Nice arm-piece Marin!

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