Seth Rogen: Green Hornet Beauty

Seth Rogen appears with The Black Beauty while promoting The Green Hornet in NYC

The 34th Street special took on a whole new meaning last night as Seth Rogen popped into the Loews AMC theater to promote his new film “The Green Hornet.”

Rogen even dashed out of the theater a few minutes early and stayed long enough to pose with the car in the film otherwise known as The Black Beauty. 

The photo-opt lasted a whole 60 seconds – long enough to put together two sets of poses and for him to make eye contact with the dozen paps gathered for the promotional screening.

A quick sprinkle of ‘show me that handsome smile,’ and we were set!

We admit that we weren’t much of a comic book geek growing up.  We had other hobbies…  But we are acquainted with the general character and its theme. 

Alas, we weren’t so familiar as to have known that it incorporated comedy into the mix.  But c’est la vie.

And damn if we don’t like a good schlapstick motif.

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