Annette Bening: NY Film Critics Circle Awards

The talented and beautiful Annette Bening and Warren Beaty at the NY Film Critics Circle Awards in NYC

 Like clockwork orange, the award season comes round every year, wreaking havoc on the masses.  Tempers flair, photo-ops are missed – well you get the idea.  It is a stressful time for all.  The NY Film Critics Circle Awards is no exception.  This year the list touted luminaries like the multi-faceted talent Annette Bening, dashing Mark Ruffalo, Melissa Leo, beauty Kerry Washington, hotness Armie Hammer, strapping Brit Colin Firth, Lesley Manville, Michelle Williams and a slew of directors like Olivier Assayas, among others.

And then comes the “limited space” issue which plagues so many venues.  Alternate photo pens are created et voila – the birth of tempers flairing and missed photos is upon you with contractions the size of a New England state.

Not to point fingers, but the fault generally lies in one direction.  The talent’s PR. 

Case and point:  One talent’s publicist could be heard telling her client “they are just paparazzis,” as she ushered him past the line-up and into the doors of Crimson. 

Called for?  Hardly.  If we were paps, we wouldn’t have been behind a barricade!  Dumbass.

Michelle Williams’ handler, not known for extending courtesy to a press line – on a good day, went as far as having their car drop them off on the opposing street, away from the designated drop off and rushed in the doors, ignoring the calls for the external step-and-repeat. 

All class that one.

But the award of the night – in as far as flaired tempers go – stops at one rather well known photo agency who, upon learning of their placement in the B photo pen outside, shot off an email addressing their position on the matter. 

“If you are unable to accommodate [our photographer] inside in time for arrivals and this is the kind of access [we] can expect at future events, please remove me from your distribution list,” read the declarative correspondence. 

Extreme?  Hardly!

We here at RTnM congratulate the talent on their accolades and thank kindly those who took a moment, in the cold, to extend the courtesy of a secondary photo-op.

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