Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Premiere

Justin Bieber flashes signs during a brief red carpet walk at the Never Say Never NYC premiere

Canadian pre-twink Justin Bieber dashed through the “Never Say Never” red carpet step-and-repeat last night – much to the dismay of the hoard of packed photographers.  Leaving a fourth of the line with mouths gaped open when he walked off after finishing a few video interviews.  The shock was doubly wondrous as his handlers profusely promised rectifying the missed photo-op and his return.

But this was not to be!  Upon being asked to double back and rectify the omission, Bieber could be heard stating “I’ve already done that!”  Followed by his immidiate turn about face and walking off.

Hmmmm, 16 you say…  Wow.

That is a whole lot of attitude for a 5 ft 7 in kid.

This leaves us here at RTnM marveling at how some folks doubt the power of a good publicist. 

These talented folk can often spin and work wonders with even the most of delicate tempers – resulting in a controled public perception.

We have no doubt the docu-pic will rake in beaucoup cash its opening weekend…  Justice?  No comment.

And we wish Bieber all the best on a long career.  We also will keep tabs on how long it takes for his star to start tarnishing with more of his angst making itself even more prevalent as the years come along – as it has for many the likes of him before.


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