Yonkers Fire Rescue

Yonkers construction worker is wheeled away by EMS after being saved after dangling from the side of a downtown Yonkers sky-scraper

When we find ourselves near a photo happening we find it hard, no matter how we try, to resist the urge of dashing out to snap a few keepsakes.  Case and point: the Yonkers Fire Department rescue of 2 contruction workers dangling from a sky scraper scaffold.  Call it a deeply rooted need to make a buck!

It happens and we ain’t too proud to say!

By chance we happened, accidently – pardon the pun – to be within walking distance of the emergency location – with our camera in tow – and sprinted our asses over and try our luck. 

We arrived just in time to witness news of the day playing out as no less than 5 helicoters hovered and camera crews and vans enclosed the perimeter. 

Of course the day of coverage has now been extended to a week, as not only the duo have remained in the news but the firefighter’s heroic actions proceeded by the cop – why we know not as it shoulda stopped at the YFD who dangled themselves down the side of the building to save the workers. 

We reckon it’s cuz its slow elsewhere.

We don’t know the names of the victims nor are we interested in being overly involved in the matter – we simply wanted to get “breaking news” coverage practice less we get rusty and not leave it all to the networks.

What we came across, in our humble experience, is similar to that of everything else we already do in the red-carpet and film set arena: over-zealous cops trying to coral an equally overzealous lot of news hungry journalists willing to go to any lengths in procurring a piece that will set them apart from the rest of the clan – including having pushed the victim, here pictured on a gurney post a successful rescue effort, off his make-shift bed as they pulled off the oxygen mask to get a quote from a man who just prior had dangled a few hundred feet up for about 2 hrs plus and EMS workers behaving like celeb security detail attempting to run a blockage of a good photo.

Ain’t that something?

Clearly, as the photo depicts, he was saved from splatting to the concrete base.  Kudos to the YFD!  You guys rock.  My fellow press colleagues – not so much!


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