Saoirse Ronan: Hanna Special NYC Screening

Teen star of the new film "Hanna," Saoirse Ronan attends a special NYC screening in Union Square

Saoirse Ronan and her on-screen dad, hotness Eric Bana, ambushed the Union Square theaters last night with a special NYC screening of “Hanna,” which looks to be a kick-ass flick.  The flick may be a guaranteed money making hit – we already have it down in our to see calendar – but none of it was prebudgeted for a luxurious space last night.  It was almost biblical!  So the packed to the rafters line of press members made due with the tight tented space afforded and attempted to “Adapt or Die!”

We know you like what we did right there!  Admit it…

The film also stars that British beauty Cate Blanchett, but unfortunately she was a no-show.

Bana arrived holding on to his wife and smirked and took in all the attention graciously – even when one pap voiced her displeasure at not getting enough of him, simply pausing his interview and addressing her politely with a chuckle.

She asked for it!

Ronan also appeared to be quite adept at handling the mayhem of a step-and-repeat like a veteran.

Other notable mentions in attendance:  Christian Campbell, Irina Shayk, Keri Russell, White Collar’s Matt Bomer, Coco Roca, director Joe Wright, Doug Smith, MTV’s Skins’ Daniel Flaherty, James Newman and Sofia Black D’Elia and hottie Justin Theroux.

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