Chris Crocker: From Youtube to Porntube

Chris Crocker aka Leave Britney Alone Youtube figure is redirecting into the world of gay porn

Do you remember Chris Crocker?  Sure you do.  He was the twink culprit behind the viral Youtube video imploring the masses to “leave Britney alone!”  That shit went super-sonic – and his Youtube account presently reads in over 200 million view.  We saw it, ain’t going to lie. 

Well Crocker is now going from Youtube sensation to wanna-be porn sensation, declaring a signed in the works production to be released in the coming months.  A message announced via his Tumblr page.  Of course he has given the masses a preview of what is to come – of sorts – putting his tidbits on display for the world.   Fucker is a master of self-promotion if nothing else.

Crocker abstains from divulging much else on the forthcoming porn career – like will he bottom, will it be safe or bareback or what studio will mastering the production but given that he has already prominently displayed the erect goods we would strongly advise on a passive role.

What?  Don’t judge us, his ass is smoking.

Well, we can’t fault him…  We know he attempted to turn the attention towards a recording venture but its a hard sell.  Porn on the other hand – well…  It’s a twink dominated field really.

We wish Crocker best wishes and hope he will invite us to the screening party.

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