Beth Ditto: Vogue Performance Reinvisioned

Beth Ditto performs Vogue at Moscow Miller party

We have been absent from the celeb world for a spell and just today were wondering what the hell to post for y’all.  Lo and behold, our dear friend Erika (she is a doll) brought this here video of Beth Ditto performing a live and re-invisioned Madonna “Vogue” classic at a Moscow Miller party.  (We don’t know where the hell its located..)  And well we had a eureka moment.  Perfect posting.  Girlfriend took to a stage in a room full of twinks and otherwise messy children to perform in her undies!  That’s brazen.  And before you go & get it twisted, we love this here Beth!  She works it out featuring live vocals – if not dead on with all the lyrics.

Stop.  Sip.  Puff.  Return.

What caught our eye were the dolly-dinkle-toe-tap & twirl dancers in the background.

That hurt our eyes!  (Yes, we paraphrased that line from a famed Balanchine ballerina!)

Its like they werent aware of Youtube’s existence and the concept of research was completely unimaginable.  Forget finding any resemblance to the original choreography – or the songs reference for that matter.

And yes, that is a body roll you will see one of them attempting!  WTF?

Yes, we are fully aware of the children going along in the audience but they seemed tweeked out enuf on bottom shelf booze to have attempted their own jete’s out that window in the background and enjoyed the blast of a fresh breeze.

Judge for yourselves…

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