Gods Behaving Badly Vespa Wipeout in West Village

On set of Gods Behaving Badly just prior to Vespa wipeout on Christopher Street in the West Village

Some folks are not coordinated to ride on two motorized wheels.  We are testament to that adage.  Give us four wheels and some front/side dual airbags any day!  And as cute as Vespa’s are – say nothing of practicality for NYC streets – we just won’t do it, and you can’t make us without medication.  But the production team of Gods Behaving Badly ignored this altogether and set up a scene in the West Village’s Christopher Street involving a short ride by two of its cast-members (don’t ask us the name of the driver cuz we can’t find it – some comic or other) and just as he revved up the cute scooter, to ride down to the start line marker, brother wiped out in the most of unceremonious of fashion.


Of course crew folks all rushed around to aid the fallen member.  While others rushed out in laughter.  mean spirited some can be…  We were wildly worried ourselves.  That vespa was all shiney and new.

Sadly, the one remaining recognizable name still filming – Alicia Silverstone wasn’t present.  Total bummer.  Bigger bummer is that Sharon Stone wrapped up a week ago!

We understand they are in the throws of filming final scenes – with little left to go.

Upside of it was getting to see a bunch of hotties walkin round soaking up the last of the summer sun.

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