Barcelona Bans Bullfighting Slaughter

Barcelona bans bullfighting spectacles effective January 1, 2012

Barcelona lawmakers ended the barbaric traditional bullfighting arena spectacles after a 180k strong petition is signed by Catalonians, reports the BBC.  A move both applauded as progressive and unlawful by the rest of the country.

The ban will take effect on January 1, 2012.

Sunday night saw the trendy tourist destinations last battle which drew some 20k spectators and reportedly sold out in record speed.

The BBC points to the fact that in recent times the ticket sales for such spectacles has dwindled in numbers promoting the idea of ending the age-old practice and a growth in animal rights activism.

“Large crowds have been rare at the Barcelona bullring for some time, and this dwindling support is one reason the regional parliament voted in favour of banning the corrida,” reports BBC’s Sarah Rainsford.

“There is also a growing awareness of animal rights and, crucially, the desire of Catalan nationalists to distinguish the region from the rest of Spain and its traditions,” Rainsford added.

The night also saw record protesters from both sides with equal fervor.

“For a city like Barcelona to close this arena is like throwing a Picasso painting into the garbage,” Cristobal, one of the fans at the Monumental told the AFP.

We don’t rightly agree with this particular analogy – but to each his own.

What we can attest to is having attended a corrida while visiting Madrid on a recent holiday and seeing the cruelty of the supposed battle 1st hand.

The man vs. animal bout is scaled for the man to win with the Matador being allowed to injur the bull from atop a horse.  This lessens the bulls strength and tips it in favor for slaughter.

Hardly fair, we would say.

If these Matador’s really wanted to go up against the bull head on and attempt taking them by the horns, well, we might say that was an equal match!  But it is not the case.

We hope that Spain’s remaining cities will follow the Catalans’ progressiveness and fully ban the practice as a nation in the years to come.

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