Kim Kardashian: Files Halloween Divorce Proceedings Against Humphries

Kim Kardashian & beau Kris Humphries photographed leaving STK eatery in The Meat Packing district in NYC

The fame whore that is Kunt Kardashian officially filed for divorce on October 31st.  Talk about a trick over a treat!  The fan fare that culminated in an ultra-lavish multi-million dollar production has ended in a mere 72 days.

But lets be real…  Which of y’all thought this was anything but another play in her endless scripted foray of “look at me” moments while cashing a check?

Well there appear to be some who are going on the attack and attempting damage control – just in case…  you know, the franchise might take a hit and get canceled.

TMZ reports exclusively that the real rift extended past Kris’ desire to reside in Minnesota.  Do tell!  (And here we thought it was made for tv.)  And that “friends” of Kunty Kardashian tell the site that Ms. Thing was” put off that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist over the weekend to work on his image.”

Sure, we buy that – a total deal breaker.

And to demonstrate how high the price of “reality” TV love really is Access reported the duo generating income from the E televised wedding special in the multi-million range.  And thats not all.  People Mag allegedly dished out seven figures for their exclusive cover.  Reports also say that Kunty’s pre-nup has her wanting to keep all income pre & post wedding as well as the jewels.  (i.e.: the multi-carat engagement ring!)

Wow!  Can you say greedy Kunt?

And to think there are people without water in Africa.

Oddly enough the legal papers were filed just a week after the darling couple were taped arriving to a party in Vegas – parading around holding hands and all smiles.  Hmmmm.

Well, call us jaded but we didn’t buy the bullshit from the get-go!  But we sure as hell can’t process how the fuck its been sold to the public?  The bitch started out in a home sex tape she assuredly “leaked” herself for the fucking attention and celebrity spin.

We think that her handlers informed her that her “marriage” was proving to be a debbie downer to bookings & she had to dissolve an arrangement that wasn’t as lucrative as first thought…

We now just simply wish that the rags would let her go away already.  Would that be too much to ask of the dumbasses at the tabloids?

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