Kellan Lutz: Bloomie’s Abbot Main Launch

Kellan Lutz flies into NY to launch the '12 Abbot + Main collection at Bloomingdale's in Garden City.

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz is one piece of hotness you want to be scorched by!  No way around that…  At 6.1, the North Dakota native inspires you want to put city living down and head your ass out West for some good ole clean living – and a barn where you can romp around with the likes of something like him after they chop down a tree or something…

True that Lutz now permanently resides in Hollywood, but he is the son of the Dakotas.  The birth place of that beautiful smile and crystal blue eyes.

Our dearest bud Henry dropped us a note and informed us that Lutz would be appearing at Bloomingdale’s – Garden City, to launch the Abbot + Main ’12 collection and we packed our bag for a road trip stat.

The facilities came furnished with a resident DJ, cupcakes & Bloomie’s water being catered about the grounds.  Thank you!

And when the man, in all his ripeness materialized, the schlep out to Long Island was complete!

Lutz posed up beautifully, gave a few words to thanks the horde of fans gathered and was surprised with a birthday cake commemorating his 27th year.


Papi even went in for a taste, post blowing out the candles.  ‘You can afford a bite,’ we offered him.  And with a grin, Lutz went in and took a mouthful!

We nearly fainted and had to be fanned for lack of air.

Happiest of birthday wishes to Kellan for being a good sport and many more!

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