Charlize Theron: 37 Year Old Beauty

Oscar winner Charlize Theron debuts Young Adult at Ziegfeld Theater in NYC

A happiest of birthday to new mom Charlize Theron.  The South African beauty and OSCAR winner turns 37 years-old today and, with her newly adopted son Jackson, she finds her way onto the MILF category listings for the first time.  Congrats on both counts girl!

Now we mention the MILF as their are those in the hetero world who are into that sort of thing.  We don’t personally subscribe but we ain’t going to say there is anything wrong with it.

Theron makes for pushing 40 look easy.  But when your body is your vessel I reckon it behooves you to keep it polished.  We understand the need plenty and only wish we were part of the privileged few who didn’t have to cow-tail it to The Man and spend our days having lunch meetings and working it with our trainer.

Les we digress…

Happy Birthday bella!  And many more!


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