Miranda Kerr: Nude Polaroids Surface

Aussie VS model Miranda Kerr pictured in a set of nude polaroids shot by French photog Laurent Darmon.

Aussie Victoria Secret supermodel turned Orlando Bloom baby momma Miranda Kerr has faced newly surfaced nudes with tongue and cheek.  But hell, how else to do it given her whole career is about tits and ass – and a lucrative venture at that it really is!  So we are befuddled over the hoopla over a set of alleged “unauthorized” nude Polaroids shot by famed French photog Laurent Darmon surfacing and making the rounds these past few days.  Slow celeb news days will do this to the under-worked folks pretending to be “journalists.”

As if the beauty getting to make beaucoup $$$ for strutting and showing off her attributes and getting to shag one of the most coveted Brit specimens EVER weren’t enuf already!  No, we have to endure having our noses rubbed into it and be made to feel guilty about being lax’ed on our gym regiment.


We don’t see the big to do.  Not really.  Less it’s really about how she isn’t adding bank to her account with the release of these here photos.  And you know that’s where its at.

We have a simple approach to such matters…  If you don’t want something getting out simply don’t do it!  And by the looks of the photos, Ms. Kerr was all too happy to show off her hot piece of ass and perky and quite appealing tits!

Yes, y’all, it’s about the tits and ass.

Sure we would be happier were they of her love Bloom.  In that Lord of The Rings blond wig please!  But we do appreciate beauty when faced with it and the photos do the subject justice so lets leave it at that.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

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  1. #1 by Hi on August 18, 2012 - 7:14 PM

    Oh how I loved Orlando Bloom as teen. I’d surf the web every chance I got for pictures and interviews concerning the actor. However, my fascination with Bloom waned after I came to the realization that Orlando Bloom was not as attractive and talented as I thought. He had a unique almost otherworldly beauty that stole the show in Lord of the Rings. Yet take away the blond wig and elf’s costume and all you have is a very skinny, clumsy looking man with a strange build. His attempts at being a leading man in movies Troy and Heaven were lackluster. His acting was stagnant meaning I saw Legolas (spelling?) in every character. My opinion was, if Bloom, with minimal lines, could become the standout actor in Lord of the Rings, then he could surely become the next Brad Pit ease. Guess I was wrong.

  2. #2 by Hi on August 18, 2012 - 7:16 PM

    meant to say *Brad Pitt with ease*

  3. #3 by Hi on August 18, 2012 - 7:23 PM

    Also, I want a man to explain this to me………preferably a gay man. Cause I like gay men giving me advice. Anywho, what are men fascination with skinny women. Don’t you say that’s just the media’s portrayal of what’s attractive because I see a lot of men black and white with skinny partners. I understand not wanting a woman who is overweight. However, if I were a dude I’d want a woman with big titays, thighs and ass. If she didn’t have all three I’d settle for two out three. This lady has no behind, barely their breast (though they do salute) and regular hips. Amber Rose has body, Kim K has body, that chick on Cider House rules has body (though she is overrated). I just don’t get it.

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