Chris M: Gansavoort Hotel Toy Stop

Fukiji, Chris, Mariela, Anthony, Luigi, Frank and hottie at The Gansavoort Hotel’s Toy restaurant – Meatpacking District.

Our deepest congratulatory mentions to Chris M. & Yukiji F. on their fast approaching nuptials after a whirlwind romance.  The two young-ens are on the threshold of their walking down the isle and we took a moment to join the groom’s brother Anthony and Mariela, and few friends (thanks for stopping in Serena!), for a quick drink for the happy couple at The Gansavoort Hotel’s Toy Restaurant.

Spotted:  Kris Humphries checking into the Meatpacking District hotel in a pair of shorts and flip-flops in the early evening and then making his way back to the hotel after a quick visit to a neighboring eatery/club.  (And to answer your swirling question, NO, we didn’t break from our festivity to snap a pic of the strapping ex-Kardashian!)

We couldn’t be happy for the duo and wish them the very bestest on whats to come.  And by that we mean babies and family gatherings.

It is our firm belief that marriage is an institution not for the faint of heart.  Sure, there is beauty and promise of legally being conjoined with the one you love.  The the beauty of two people – blah, blah, blah…  but lets dispel the Hallmark sentiment for a second; it’s the bringing together of two families, generally from opposing sides and views, that’s at the core of it.  And this can be something that can leave you shedding weight and losing sleep.

For the life of our site we can’t figure out enduring such without throwing a few Fuck Off’s in varied directions but alas we sleep alone so we have other concerns…

We say we’d gladly elope when the time comes and throw a party after the fact.  Wedding gifts be damned.  But first we need to steady ourselves on finding the right mix of sincere and naughty.  Something not altogether easy to find.  Please send applications to us directly with full stats!

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