Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Premium Rush World Premiere

Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the Premium Rush world premiere in NYC.

A dapper dressed Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined his co-stars co-stars Dania Ramirez, Jamie Chung and Wole Parks in NYC for the world premiere of his new film “Premium Rush” last night.  And our world shifted a bit.

There are two things we like about Gordon-Levitt – his lean frame and how nicely he cleans up post grunge.  But truth be told we’d prefer him in less is more as this gives a better access to a taste.

Don’t get us wrong, the suit and tie thing is just grande, really it is, as it suggest papi knows how to dress himself, but the lean frame wins out and a double breasted suit makes it hard to appreciate the lean frame we previously mentioned enjoying getting to admire.

Even during filming – a set we visited a few times – where he sported some cut-off jeans and a t-shirt, we were still wishing he’d found his way into something a bit more tell-tale.  Like something along the lines of some short-shorts for instance…

A cheap thrill is still a stir is our motto.

Ramirez on the other hand gave us exactly what we like to see women on a red-carpet wearing – fashion!  Belleza popped up clad in a red floor-length gown accentuating her petite frame.  And we thank her for it.

The cast seemed happy to be doing there last stops to promote a locally based project and see it make its way into theaters, finally.  Gordon-Levitt spoke to reporters about his “31 stitches for his art” bit and dropped the Eco note of more bikes, less cars.  Well, we can’t wholeheartedly argue with that, no sir!  We can hardly find a damn parking space as it is, but have to say we like having our car, which has a bike-rack to carry our bike to-and-fro…

And how else are we to pick you up for date Mr.?  Lets find a proper balance baby.

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