Aremio Solis: Busted in Florida Pedophile Sting

BUSTED: Iraq War Vet & Army Reservist Aremio Solis 1 of 50 arrested in Pedophile Florida Sting

This is far from pretty.  Iraq war veteran and Army Reservist Aremio Solis has been named as one of 50 busted in a pedophile sting in Central Florida dubbed Operation SpiderWeb 2, reports state.  Solis, 31, allegedly answered an online ad for “fun” with a thirteen year-old girl and, after exchanging text messages, visited a pre-agreed upon address only to find Police officers at the ready!

And of course the story gets prettier.

The age range of the gang of perves range from 18 to 50!

On the flip side…  Solis, above pictured in a released mugshot and his bodybuilding social network page, has a slamming body and will, in all likelihood, be a hot commodity in prison.

Other released names of allegedly busted Floridians include:

Shawn Michael Strickler, age 28, from Fort Myers
Scott Anthony Owen, age 19, from Tampa
Alain Guevara, age 28, from Lehigh Acres
Eric Wade Osborn, age 21, from Cape Coral
Zachary Robert Vaughan, age 23, from Greenville, SC
Zachary Michael Crane, age 20, from Fort Myers
James Richard Jensen, age 31, from Fort Myers
Douglas Allen Sund, age 50, from Fort Myers
Dustin Michael England, age 24, from North Port
Robert Zachary Thomas, age 21, from Fort Myers
Luis Anibal Montalvan Pagoada, age 24, from Naples
Christoper John Chepelevich, age 43, Cape Coral
Donald Douglas Markmiller, age 39, from Bradenton
Dustin Michael Lohr, age 31, from Fort Myers
Daniel Cuevas-Medrano, age 24, from Coral Springs
Mark Andrew Mongelut Jr., age 22, from Punta Gorda
Carlos Anier Santoveina, age 27, from Lehigh Acres
Jacob Thomas Duvall, age 19, from Neptune Beach
Isaiah Matthew Jones, age 23, from Lehigh Acres
Jarred Ryan Stuermer, age 21, from Sarasota
Jordon Scott Peters, age 18, from Lehigh Acres
Matthew James Drake, age 24, from Cape Coral
Javon Eugene Safford, age 21, from Fort Myers
Eugene Martinez, age 27, from North Fort Myers
Vincent Lamar Williams Jr., age 21, from Lehigh Acres
Kelsey Lamonte Thompson, age 36, from Cape Coral
Daniel Luis Villanueva, age 24, from Fort Myers
Gary Russell Sandt, age 51, from Cape Coral
Gary Alan Hall, age 58, from Cape Coral
Michael Allen Miner, age 24, from Sarasota
John Woen-That Yang, age 22, from Fort Myers
Roderic Eugene Pulley, age 22, from Fort Myers
Darin Charles Leishure, age 42, from Lehigh Acres
Harley Thomas Brien, age 20, from Fort Myers
Michael Vincent Sansone, age 39, from Cape Coral
Tybias Deshawn Dickerson, age 31, from Fort Myers
William  Ross Nockengost Jr., age 42, from Cape Coral
Martin Rodolfo Gallardo-Fernandez, age 35, from Fort Myers

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  1. #1 by John stand on December 9, 2012 - 7:07 AM

    They are innocent until proven guilty. I am a student of Mr. Chepelevich. He was suppose to meet a 20-yr-old. The police lied. He will have the charges dismisses at trial.

  2. #2 by Andrea D on January 1, 2013 - 10:08 PM

    Innocent until proven guilty. I know one of the guys who got busted. The cops lied about his arrest; he was planning to meet a 20-yr-old at 5 guys to make sure everything was on the up and up. His charges will be dismissed.

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