Garrett Hedlund: On The Road NYC Screening

Garrett Hedlund attends the On The Road NYC screening at SVA.

Garrett Hedlund attends the On The Road NYC screening at SVA.

Occasionally event coverage turns out to be a complete waste of time.  Case & point – the On The Road NYC screening, held at the SVA Theater in Chelsea last night.  Sure, co-stars Garrett Hedlund (who arrived in beau Kirsten Dunst’s SUV but exited solo) and Sam Riley took the time to pose at the exterior step-and-repeat – not  to mention acknowledging the hoard of fans who camped out.  And we are all collectively grateful for it.  Kirsten Dunst and the tramp that is Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, rushed through the double sided line of photogs dutifully waiting adjacent to a barricade of fans some four rows deep and into the entrance of the East Coast screening as if it were Whitney running from airport security to stash her weed.

Stewart was the greatest culprit of all.  So much so in fact, fans and paps booed her drive by until the PR handling the event attempted to close the theaters double doors – as if that would mute the robust response to her snub.

Assuredly it did not.

The handlers actions, however, didn’t fare altogether well with one particular photographer.  The man was so incensed by having his time waiting on a press line wasted he took to holding the door open for better acoustic transmittance.

Radical?  Hardly!

It does seem contradictory to schedule yourself to a promotional venue only to not comply with expected duty.  Say nothing of dismissing a group of people attempting to do a job for which they have been accredited to perform.

But perhaps it would’ve fared better had Stewart been getting serviced from this director as well.

Just a thought.

Other notable attendees:  Robert Buckley, Ezra Miller, Nicole Lapin and last but certainly not least:  Neon Hitch.  (If you happen on knowing who this walking fashion faux pas with red hair is please let us know!)

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