Anita Baker: Lately Single on ITunes

Anita Baker plays to a sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall February 26, 2007.

Anita Baker plays to a sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall July 26, 2007.

We have been waiting a good while for our childhood songstress Anita Baker to come out with some new tunes.  For real y’all, we love her madly but at this point we can sing her tunes backwards.  Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but y’all know what we mean – dammit.  Lo and behold the rapturous wonder releases Lately single – available on ITunes

We must say that we were expecting a WHOLE new album – as in 8 to 10 new tracks – but we ain’t going to bitch too heavily cuz its good to hear her smooth melodies once more.

Back in 07, we dutifully charged tix to her sold out post-Fourth of July concert at Radio City Music Hall and proceeded to wait on her exit after the show for some additional photos. (See more & hear track after the jump!)

She made us wait a bit but sure enough she made her way out after sometime and we snapped away and quickly asked her when a new album was due…?  “Child, I don’t know,” Ms. Baker responded as she and her sister were about to get into her awaiting car – and we got our pix to prove it.

We reckon back some almost 6 years, Baker really didn’t know and was telling us the truth.

“I can’t imagine life, without you baby by my side,” Baker sings, in the opening of her new tune.  And we feel exactly the same.

Here’s to hoping that that much mentioned new works, speculated about online, is short to follow.

We’ve missed you terribly Ms. Baker!

01 Lately

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