Katie Holmes: Last of The Dead Accounts Matinee

Katie Holmes makes like its Bring Your Daughter to Work Day with a schrieking Suri Cruise as they head to the stage door of Dead Accounts.

Katie Holmes makes like its Bring Your Daughter to Work Day with a shrieking Suri Cruise as they head to the stage door of Dead Accounts.

Katie Holmes is having a rough time of late – professionally speaking.  Her return to the Broadway stage, in the  Theresa Rebeck drama “Dead Accounts” was universally panned by critics – something that resulted in a kiss of death for the show – and will come to an abrupt end on January 6th.  Way harsh given that it was slated to run for a limited engagement to start with.  Its final curtain will drop on Sunday after only running a reported 27 previews and  a total of 44 performances.


On a side note…  You would think that the suits behind the the production would’ve stepped it up & persevered – if only to save face.  Or have fired their PR team cuz lets be frank – Holmes may not be Maggie Smith but she sure as hell comes with a whirlwind of media attention all her own.  Say nothing of the public’s fascination with the now ex-wife of that Scientology action star who appropriated the one time Dawson’s Creek child star.

Yet Homes keeps on keeping on.  And one must admire her for it.

Her marriage ends with more media coverage than should be allowed – but she keeps on keeping on.  Her returns to the big screen tank one after the other – yet she keeps on keeping on.

And so it goes.

One must also admire the way she goes about attempting to keep it real.

Girl has been spotted trawling the streets of NYC, at times daughter Suri Cruise in tow, and even hopping on the subway regularly   That’s brazen given that she has an army of paps on her tail…

This brings us to reflect on what we witnessed yesterday.

Holmes played out her very own Bring Your Daughter to What Remains of Your Work Days by bringing Suri to the Music Box Theater for her matinee performance on Wednesday and, of course, a whirlwind of attention pursued her.

This in and of itself is not of what we are about to gripe on – OH NO.

The young mommy-dearest’s SUV stops some 100 feet from the stage door and proceeds to exit the car in full view of a swarm of people – photographers included – awaiting her arrival to her call time.

She then proceeds to make like she is still keeping it real by putting Suri down and walking the remainder of the way to the stage door.

Now, do y’all need us to tell you that this didn’t fair well?

Between the series of Paps who followed her car and the Paps who ran to “get the shot” as she walked down the street, all hell broke out as “fans” scrambled to get a better look with their cellphones.

And what does Suri take to doing in the midst of mayhem?

Little drama queen let out a shrieking cry – all the while covering her face with her mitten-ed left hand – until Holmes stopped and picked her much-too old to be carried self and carried her the rest of the way – all the while she was still audibly crying.

This drama which played out rather quickly begs the question:

If you take your security packed SUV to work with your child, knowing you are being tailed and awaited by further Paps, why wouldn’t you let your driver pull up to stage door entrance that has been set up by theater security for your very arrival to make your exit?

Why further fuel an already roaring fire?

It would be one thing if Holmes had been alone and done so – a rather smart move it would’ve been as it maximizes exposure, keeps it real and everybody gets something.

But having a child with you prone to dramatics at the mere surfacing of chaos start shrieking when the inevitable happens is just a bad decision and one documented for the folks at Child Protective Services.

Get your tickets to Dead Accounts while you still can!

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