Shailene Woodley: The Amazing Spider-Man II Brooklyn Set

Shailene Woodley films scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man II in Brooklyn, NY.

Shailene Woodley films scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man II in Brooklyn, NY.

Shailene Woodley, of  The Secret Life of The American Teenager and The Descendants fame, can be presently found on the set of the currently filming follow up to the blockbuster creepy-crawley flick re-boot “The Amazing Spider-Man II.”  The role:  Mary Jane.  Co-stars:  Andrew Garfield and all around talent and beauty Emma Stone.  (Cheers, applause, accolades!)

It’s gotta be bittersweet for her right about now.

Sure, on the one hand its quite a coup to land yourself in the thick of a guaranteed hit.  No doubt something to be gleeful about.

The flip side, however, can be a bit more trying on your psyche as you have gone and placed yourself up against a beauty that steals the spotlight in a blackout.

We schlepped our asses out to the Brooklyn, NY set and found Woodley less than receptive to the shutterbugs as she kept company with the darling of all the fair skinned princesses.  And the thought was as clear as night and day…  ‘It’s gotta suck for Woodley right about now!’

Granted,  the first time she walked past a slew of the shutterbugs during shooting in Hell’s Kitchen an entire half dozen gathered paps, awaiting Garfield, stepped aside as she made her way down the street for lack of any spark of recognition.  Yours truly included…

Wasn’t personal or nothing.  One did think she was a Teen Moms alum but not a move was made to capture the moment.  (Go figure…)

Still, we reckon actors act and she may simply trudge forward as if she isn’t aware of the basic fact that she is being totally eclipsed, from the get-go, by a beauty that can not only deliver a dramatic seemingly effortless performance but also has comedic timing down pat and happens to be a fashion designers dream – say nothing of her being the star’s other half.

Well…  To the rich go the spoils…

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