Dylan McDermott: Hostages Film Set

Dylan McDermott films Hostages in Yonkers, NY.

Dylan McDermott films Hostages in Yonkers, NY.

We heard of Dylan McDermott stopping in Yonkers, NY to film a new CBS pilot called “Hostages,” costarring Toni Collette, yesterday, and we thought ‘why not give it a go.’  Aren’t we glad we did!  A quick stop by and shortly after arriving the strapping lad, script in hand, surfaced and proceeded to make his way to the set.

We have been ardent admirers of tall, dark and deep voiced hottie for sometime now and, as we stood snapping away, the thought of all the things we’d like to do to him immediately came to mind.  Sue us, we think he is all types of naughty looking.

We then we arrived at wondering how is it that this man hasn’t become the poster boy for beauty incarnate.

It’s not that we know all the makings of what catapults someone into screaming fans – albeit a good publicist never hurts.  But there are a slew of goings-on within the entertainment world we still fail to understand.  And McDermott not being more popular than he is is by far one we’d love an answer to…

For all tense and purposes McDermott should be a HUGE star.  The factors are clearly visible say nothing of the yum-ness portion.  Papi is the embodiment of mischief and get you to do things you would never dream of otherwise…  Those eyes alone are panty-droppers.  But his star has never really catapulted.

Now before you hoes go & get it twisted, yes, he has steadfastly worked on a slew of projects, but he has never really become the celestial shiner that he has the potential to become.

We are talking Brad Pitt big!

Well, we can’t go and spend too much time on this except to thank Ryan Murphy for featuring McDermott in his American Horror Story drama.  We will fully credit that as the cause for McDermott’s resurgence.

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