Topher Grace: People In New Jersey Film Set

Topher Grace films People in New Jersey on location in NY.

Topher Grace films People in New Jersey on location in NY.

At first glance a project titled “People In New Jersey” would serve little to motivate us to forego a downward dog but, as it so happened, this new HBO series being filmed happened to feature the likes of hotness Topher Grace!

Ordinarily we say ‘to hell with that’ or we’d rather ‘stretch it out’ and go on our merry way – It’s better to prioritize rather than chase a never-ending fable is our credo…  but then we went and looked further into it.

Occasionally we are made to deviate from our rigid workout schedule for the sake of a celebrity photo.  Monday morning for instance, well , we were all ready to head our ass out to yoga class when we happened upon learning of this film set taking place right smack in the middle of our route to the gym.

So, Topher and convenience connected and y’all know we rerouted that swan dive, cuz how the hell do we say no to the likes of him, we ask you?  NO WAY, that’s how!

Yes, the 35-year-old papi is rail thin, some would point out, but, in truth, that happens to be how we like our eye candy.   Long and lanky!


Don’t get us wrong, muscles are great and all but if we were to be honest we all know which muscle is the really important one.  Give us a natural physique with a good woody and we are wet with desire.

And while on the topic of wet and desire…  We thought to throw in these here topless grabs from the Atomic music video covering “Don’t You Want Me.”

Back on to Topher…

Mr. Man graced the set wearing an I-Dive jacket and aviator glasses.  Smiles and hellos were exchanged and for the most part he made like we were little bother to him.

Topher waited on set a good long while before his co-star Sarah Silverman wrapped her scene and he jumped into character and in a flash he had ended and the crew broke for lunch.

It’s great to see him return to a TV show – if only a cable one.  We don’t presently subscribe to the pay-to-view channel but this will certainly have us at the ready to bootleg the fucker from our neighbor…

Topher Grace makes a cameo in Atomic's "Don't You Want Me" music video

Topher Grace makes a cameo in Atomic’s “Don’t You Want Me” music video

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