Jessica Chastain: An Evening With Karl Lagerfeld

Jessica Chastain at the Lincoln Center benefit An Evening with Karl Lagerfeld

Jessica Chastain at the Lincoln Center benefit An Evening with Karl Lagerfeld

Jessica Chastain is as gracious as she is beautiful.  We kid you not.  She is a dream to photograph and oozes humbleness to boot.  But throw her in with the likes of jet set fashionista Karl Lagerfeld and she will be a tardy beauty if albeit a fashionable one.

This tardiness to the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund black-tie benefit listed as “An Evening with Karl Lagerfeld,” that we speak of, happened to furl a slew of brows as those in the basin press line at Alice Tully Hall were clearly in attendance at the short step-and-repeat solely for the purpose of snapping the OSCAR nominated actress.

What?  Don’t act surprised.  Some of the same folks camped outside The Heiress stage door daily – in Winter!

And truth be told, the lot had just caused for their grievance as she really was the headliner of the evening.  (No offense to Karl…)

Fashionably late is one thing but when folks are on the clock and multi-booked with two to three events in one night, tempers flare quicker than the 4th of July fireworks.

It often happens that multiple venues are scheduled at or around the same time, in different corners of NYC, causing folks looking to make the money honey to sprint about town attempting to get as much as humanly possible without achieving personal injury – and then some.

But whats an hour wait when you rest on the smile of Chastain, we ask you?  We can attest to those attempting to snap Natalie Portman not fairing any better as she is as sour as a ripe Lime.

Other notable names in attendance:  Candela designer Gabriela Perezutti-Hearst and her new hubby Austin Hearst, Glenda Bailey, Patricia Cleveland and designer Joseph Altuzarra.  Carolina Herrera aught to get a special mention for her stellar performance of pretending she didn’t hear calls for her to do the step-and-repeat.


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