Dylan McDermott: Hostages Base Camp NY

Dylan McDermott on the NY set of Hostages - November 13, 2013.

Dylan McDermott on the NY set of Hostages – November 13, 2013.

What is there not to love about Dylan McDermott?  He embodies the tall, dark and handsome attributes to the letter.  And at 52 – yes, y’all, papi is 52 – he is ripe and well seasoned enough to know how to get the panties down with nothing more than a ‘get those panties off so I can get at you now’ look.

Ok, so he wouldn’t have to even get to that point with us!  Sue us.  We don’t wear any.

Presently McDermott is starring in the CBS drama “Hostages,” opposite Toni Collette (she wasn’t on set).  But hotness has been busy.  McDermott is set to return to the big screen via Freezer, costarring Peter Facinelli, Behaving Badly with Selena Gomez and Mercy opposite Frances O’Connor.  He also has Automata with Antonio Banderas and Survivor – costarring Milla Javovich and Angela Bassett in the pipeline.

We got word that they were nearby – again – and we rushed on over to the base camp, on our way to yoga, for a quick look see.  Lo and behold, we didn’t need to wait to long before McDermott popped up and gave us a quick photo that we will be eternally grateful for.

Merci beaucoup, monsieur.  Vous et tres gentile.

Word is that post a day of shooting scenes, on a cold winters day, McDermott hightailed it to the Victoria Secret runway show downtown.  Hmmmm.


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