Nick Kroll: Brothers Keeper Film First Look

Nick Kroll, Paula Garces and Jason Mantzoukas film Brother's Keeper in NY

Nick Kroll, Paula Garces and Jason Mantzoukas film Brother’s Keeper in NY

With every Tom, Dick, Jane and Mary out west in the land of sunshine for the Globes we thought it only prudent to support those who’ve stayed behind and actually work at their craft.  So we pondered our options and decided on stopping by the Brother’s Keeper set, on their first day of on-location filming, to catch Nick Kroll and his costars Paula Garces and Jason Mantzoukas get the new indie flick underway.

We readily admit that we love film sets more than we like step-and-repeats or concerts for that matter.  It’s most entertaining to see a project being orchestrated in front of your eyes that eventually will be viewed on a screen down the road.

Sure, we ain’t gonna lie to y’all… We had hoped to catch hotness Bobby Cannavale and his love Rose Byrne – but alas they were not on the schedule.  But make no mistake – we will return!

We will for certain pay them another visit for a look-see at Cannavale in action – cuz, how could we not…?  Papi is dreamy.

Stay tuned…


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