James Spader: The Blacklist Birthday Boy

James Spader on the set The Blacklist in NY

James Spader on the set The Blacklist in NY

There are names you grow up with – watching them in roles that come to define an era – and become ingrained in your memory.  As their careers evolve, so do the roles they play, but they keep a hold in your psyche.

James Spader, actor of such cult classics films like Endless Love, Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero and Sex, Lies and Videotapes – among many others – fits into this category perfectly.

He’s matured and so have we.  He has, like many others, regressed to the small screen, starring in the hit NBC show “The Blacklist,” but his performances have not wavered.

We happened on being within the vicinity of his small screen hit on-location shooting and thought to pay it a drive by as we have never been afforded the opportunity of getting a snap of him.


We arrived and found the exterior scene under way and Spader at the ready for his close-up.  We stuck it out for a short respite and heard our boyhood crush exchanging pleasantries with a makeup artist named Arielle and our ears perked.

“Happy Birthday,” Arielle said to Spader.

“Thank you!” Spader replied.

“Any big plans for a blowout on the schedule?” She inquired.

That largely depends on my two sons,” Spader offered.

And that’s when we realized how little we knew of our childhood crush other than experiencing his talent on screen…

Thank all that is good for Google and Wikipedia!  It turns out Mr. James Todd Spader, a Boston native, celebrates his 54th birthday today!  Here’s hoping his sons Sebastian and Elijah treat their daddies birthday right…

Happy birthday Jimmy!  And many more.


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  1. #1 by Ms Vanilla Rose on February 8, 2014 - 5:20 AM

    Actually, three sons, but I won’t tell you the (reported) name of the 5 year old as clearly Mr Spader and his partner value their privacy.

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