Alex Minsky: Leaked Nude Photos Surface

Former US Marine turned underwear model Alex Minsky

Former US Marine turned underwear model Alex Minsky

You all may recall the name Alex Minsky.  A twenty-something former US Marine who lost part of his leg – enter the term amputee – while in Afghanistan.  He is said to have spent weeks in a coma and many more hours in recovery – both from injuries physical and emotional.

Minsky was later spotted in a gym by a photog and a modeling career took off.

And how could it not!  Papi has a kick-ass body that he works at 4-hrs a day and an earnest mug…  Fucker is tight.

Well, lo-and-behold, a whole new set of pics have surfaced of a more revealing nature – allegedly leaked.  Don’t you love that word?  We do…

No word on who or why the photos were leaked, but we’re happy for them non-the-less.

We first happened on twink-a-licious’ pics a few days ago and sat on them as we pondered the idea of posting them…  ‘Why’, you may ask…?  Well, they weren’t sent to us by him personally – if he had we wouldn’t be posting them, we’d be too busy scheduling a meet and lick….  But his is a story of overcoming the odds stacked up against him and all that jazz.  And we had to ponder the thought as we reviewed them repeatedly…

The thought of his pics, well, they are not one and the same fashion as those of Justin Bieber, Leighton Meester, Zac Efron or Blake Lively – for instance…

Then we realized not everyone else would be conflicted, as we happened on being, and then we reminded ourselves that there isn’t anything wrong with nudity, sexuality and salivating over a hot piece of ass!

So it is with those choice words that we go with posting the pics and discarding any reservations about telling y’all that papi has a whole lot more to work with than a pretty face, a nice smile and a tight body…

He has the muscle that counts!  And from the looks of it, that muscle has the length and the ever appreciated girth to accompany it.


UPDATE:  Per Mr. Minsky’s request the images have been obstructed…

These photos were released and shared by someone without my knowledge or permission.  While I appreciate the love and support, I have to respectively ask that you remove these very personal photos from your post.   Your support on this issue means the world to me.  Thank you.”  Alex Minsky


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