Hunter Parrish: Still Alice Hottie

Hunter Parrish on the set of Still Alice in NYC

Hunter Parrish on the set of Still Alice in NYC

Hunter Parrish can be presently found on the set of the “Still Alice” set in NYC.  Although he has dabbled in cross-overs between the small and the big screen, he is most closely associated with the cable show Weeds – which stars Mary-Louise Parker.

We readily admit to not recognizing him upon first laying eyes on him although we did take notice of his prominent jawline, dazzling smile and golden locks.  (Don’t judge…  We are perfectly comfortable with our libido…)

Hunter Parrish and Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds

Hunter Parrish and Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds

If you are of the ‘we don’t recognize him either’ camp, allow us now to shed some 411 on the dashing 27-year-old ha came to know…

He hails from the state of Virginia – as in VA is for hearts.  He is a Texas Tech University graduate.

At the ripe twink-a-licious age of 21 he was part of the 2008 Vanity Fair magazine;s “Hollywood’s New Wave: The Hottest Kids in Hollywood” and he happened to make his Broadway debut in the highly celebrated Spring Awakening production.

And from the looks of some of his semi-nude scenes in Weeds he is as smooth as one could hope for…

As fillers on hus CVm Parrish has also appeared in The Good Wife, CSI and Law and Order – among other TV shows.

Interestingly enough – to us – is that his svelte long-limbed frame belies him only being a repoted 5 ft 7 in.

He also happens to be fairly down to earth and approachable – and for that we are grateful.


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