Tom Cruise: Edge of Tomorrow Lockout

Tom Cruise greets fans waiting to attend the Edge of Tomorrow NYC premiere

Tom Cruise greets fans waiting to attend the Edge of Tomorrow NYC premiere

The new Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt film “Edge of Tomorrow” premiered in three countries – England, France and United States – on the same day.  A hard feat for many, impossible for others, but not Tom Cruise.  All the stops were eradicated to make it possible and deliver the mega-talent live and in person.

New York City’s UWS premiere alone commandeered a city block which had residents bent and photogs clambering for coverage – it is Tom Cruise after all.

But even with a city block-long step-and-repeat there was a call for “limited space” and a small contingency of 5 ended up being refused access although discernible space was to be had.  A few blended away and snuck in to the barricades, others weren’t so fortunate.

Fair scene?  Hardly.

Some faulted the tight perimeters on the recent Cannes Film Festival red carpet scenario involving Ugly Betty star America Ferrera and Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk to blame.  

UPDATE:  Sediuk infiltrates Maleficent Los Angeles premiere and slaps Brad Pitt promptly being arrested.

You may recall Cruise also having had a run in with the same man some years prior – think water-squirting mic red carpet scene.  Oddly that fucker gets credentialed!

Others attested to alternate reasons.

Whatever the case, we had to make our own attempt at procuring a spot on the line and get our own photo of the 51-year-old’s success at crossing multiple time-zones to promote the sci-fi thriller being touted as borderline epic.

Ok, we made that last part up but the reviews have been rather positive considering Cruise isn’t the fave of many critics.

Are we mad we were denied access to the red carpet?  Possibly.  Will we still see the film?  That’s another story – angelic Angelina’s Maleficent opens the same day…!  Funds are limited.


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