Mariah Carey: Fresh Air Fund Mess

Mariah Carey attends the 2014 Fresh Air Fund fete at Pier 60 in NYC

Mariah Carey attends the 2014 Fresh Air Fund fete at Pier 60 in NYC

Mariah (S)Carey is still giving the “I’m a diva and you will see it for yourself” shenanigans.  Attending the annual fete for the annual Fresh Air Fund fundraiser, Carey is said to have been some three hours late.

And as if the CP time factor weren’t enough, according to an eyewitness, girlfriend arrived with an entourage consisting of 5 Escalades that included a fluffer for both her mammoth breast and another for her voluminous hair, not to mention one for her Jessica Rabbit-esque ensemble – that’s one each, in case you didn’t understand what was at stake.

Our eyewitness says that once her procession got to the Chelsea Piers event “she sat in the car for ten minutes before she would get out.”  “We all wondered what was wrong?” they professed.

“Her boob fluffer [had] to jump in the backseat to help her out,” our little bird quipped.  “When she did get out she wouldn’t face the cameras because everyone was busied primping her.”

“There was a guy there who’s sole responsibility was to comb her hair,” our informant marveled.

But it didn’t end there…

“The boob fluffer made two [additional] appearances on the carpet to squeeze her boobs into her dress….” our spy concluded.

Ain’t that something?  All that and she still ends up looking like a bad drag queen…

To add insult to injury – devaluing the worth of the event photos – skankiness posted a selfie of herself on the subway in the dress after wasting a press line’s time and making them wait for a shot.

There are no words!


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  1. #1 by Sphinx on June 1, 2014 - 11:44 PM

    I am sure she cares about what you have to say as she cries and counts her $500 million dollar bills

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