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Zac Efron: New Role and New House

Hot on the tail end of a whirlwind press tour for his new film, “17 Again,” opening Friday, comes word of top Disney twink – Zac Efron, 21, and his new roles: home owner and Jonny Quest!

Splash News has aerial views of his new pads (as well as others, see video below) while the LA Times reports Efron passed on the “Footloose” remake to star in the cartoon/comic book animated themed character.

Word out is also that Disney is frothing at the mouth to crank out yet another “High School Musical.” This even after its original cast have graduated! Nothing like a wholesome whoring out of your teen sensations… WTF?

Try as I have, I can’t get past the Efron and “reported” girlfriend – Vanessa Hudgens, buying seperate homes. But what would I know about being so young and already a PR spun commodity…

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Top Twink: Zac Efron

The beauty that is Zac Efron, 21, worked the NY circuit yesterday – from morning shows to Late Show, onward to a screening of his new film “17 Again,” opening this weekend.

(His visit concluded with a belated quick visit to “Rock of Ages” on Broadway, which costars his bud – Constantine Maroulis, before jetting back to the West Coast.)

Catching up with, and getting eye contact of the barely old enough to drink top Disney twink at the Letterman Show stage door, I was able to confirm for myself exactly how pretty he truly is.

He is perfect. There is no denying that beauty lies in youth.

For certain it must lie riding this twinks’ perfectly shaped ass while holding his narrow waist for leverage as he arches his back for maximum entry! And yet it looks as tight and yum-ness as what necessitates a “lift and separate move!”

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