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Chris Brown Replaces Glam-bert on GMA

This is some offensive shit. ABC’s GMA replaced Adam Lambert with Chris Brown! The same Chris Brown that has been convicted of beating RiRi, leaving her looking like her makeup artist had been deported and she took to doing it herself with Brown’s fist.

Now, I ain’t hating. I have seen Brown perform live and he delivers a performance – although I would argue that he needs to put the fried chicken down for a spell. But he ain’t no Glam-bert.

What the fuck does this say for ABC and GMA execs? Are we to assume that domestic violence – albeit in a six-figure sports car – is Disney sanctioned and crotch grabbing, boy kissing, oral sex SIMULATION is not? Seriously, WTF!

“He was not canceled over a gay kiss,” an ABC source tells the NY Post. Adding that Lambert “showed himself to be unpredictable on live TV.”

That sounds like one piece of lame dumbass excuse for homophobia and being scared shitless of the fuckers who started this whole “offensive” and “vulgar” bullshit!

But on that note, I wonder if anyone has taken a moment to go back and ask those bored sexless housewives how they feel with this turn of events and if this is an OK message for their children…?

I would do it myself cept that I don’t believe I could abstain (much like I can’t keep from crotch grabbing and oral sex!) from asking them if they will finger themselves during Brown’s live performance and taped tell-all interview!

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Cupid Hits the Heart

ABC’s Cupid is a big bang!

Granted, I am a huge sap! Give me a happy ending and I get all teary.

Throw in handsome men (and this show guarantees to deliver one tall 6.2 1/2 strapping 30-something in the lead) and well on my knees with my underwear around my ankles!

Bobby Cannavale in all his manly love inducing do-gooder role shines, while Sarah Paulson is charming and balances the premis.
Once I got past the obvious (it took me a minute) I was completely engrossed – absorbed into the storyline and teary for the “love crosses oceans” theme.

Finally a reason to turn on my flat screen! Congrats Bobby. I have somewhere for you to shoot your arrow into, whenever you are ready!

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