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Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo

Alison Pill garners national attention after tweeting a self-topless photo on her social network site.

Everyone is up at arms over actress Alison Pill and her topless self-pic posted via her Twitter account.  We, on the other hand, applaud her for being comfortable enough to bare her attributes with the masses.  Cuz let’s face it everyone – if not everything – on the planet has a set of nipples and ever woman has themselves some breasts.

Truth be told, we couldn’t rightly place Ms. Pill right off the back.  So we had to go and do a little bit of Googling.  Lo and behold, she starred in Pillars of The Earth, a series we loved!  She has also starred in Milk, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, Midnight in Paris and most recently, Newsroom.  She also has two upcoming projects we will certainly be on the lookout for – Snowpiercer and Thicker.

Kudos to her!

But of course the good ole USA being founded on puritan values… the powers that be capitalize on the very object of their focused attention.

A deeply rooted contradiction in terms.

We fondly recall a time some many years back while attending an opening attended by Rob Lowe where he walked up to our dear friend Tracie and stuck his face right between her ample bosom.


Hell no!  He was fine as wine.  Made us want to rush out and get ourselves a pair – truth be told.

So here is to the empowerment of women and their breasts the world over!

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