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Michael Phelps: Full Frontal Shower Photo

michaelphelps-nude-bThis alleged Michael Phelps full frontal photo (see full pic after the jump) got our attention recently as it has the makings of what could potentially be truly authentic.  We ain’t saying it is, mind you, we are simply saying that it could be so.  Big difference. Read the rest of this entry »

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Juliette Lewis: Terry Richardson Alleged Sex Scandal

Juliette Lewis and Terry Richardson.

Juliette Lewis and Terry Richardson.

Here’s yet another reason as to why you shouldn’t involve yourself with the likes of Terry Richardson.  One-time A-lister turned rocker chick Juliette Lewis is having to denounce a certain x-rated “leaked” photo depicting a sex act with the famed shutter-bug.  Her people emphatically deny its authenticity but let’s face it, Richardson does have a history that would reinforce the allegations.

Now there are some who would stop forging any type of association with Richardson on the mere grounds of  his being a nasty individual who tells all of his exploits but others need more of a reasoning… If that is the case – here you go…

Before you go clicking onward to see the purported photo, we will tell y’all that we have our doubts.  Sure – it looks like someone who bares a slight resemblance but we don’t think it’s Lewis.  That being said y’all can judge for yourselves.

See the alleged NSFW photo after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

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Cecil Singleton: Elmo Accuser Number Two

Cecil Singleton comes forward to become Kevin Clash accuser number two.

There is little denying that Kevin Clash – the now middle-aged man who once voiced beloved Elmo – is knee-deep in a whole lot of twink conjured shit.  Some might even say that this is the price you pay for chasing some fresh common-street ass!  But if it wasn’t enough trouble before – which resulted in a prompt pay out of $250k to accuser number one, along comes Cecil Singleton with allegations of a sexual liaison with Clash starting when he was 15-years-old.

Score: Twinks 2!

In a grand runway entrance executed by Ms. Thing for a press conference, a few days ago, Singleton single-highhandedly managed to steal the spotlight from accuser number one, Sheldon Stephens, and left the audience gagging.

We admit we marveled at his attempt to sell a line of being dupped at the hands of a predator.  His thought that their relationship was unique and how if he had known that it hadn’t been a special bond, he would’ve come forward sooner.

Little doubt there…

Not to mention his prompt suit filing for damages to the tune of $5 Million.


Now, as far as we can so far tell, this here Singleton would constitute the dick-tionary poster boy for being one attention needing greedy-ass bottom!  And hell if you couldn’t easily attach her being an upstaging bitch title as well.

But our personal judgements aside there are a few side points which keep nagging at our psyche.

Like, for instance, how he claims to have encountered Clash in a gay chat-room at 15.  Hmmmm, we say.  Plausible.  Bitches start younger and younger…

Singleton’s allegations intimate that he was seduced by the expensive dinners and cash allowance stemming from the May-December tryst.

No doubt.  It’s hard out there for a ho…

And how, like accuser number one, Singleton also met Clash in NYC.

And this is where we come to a full stop.

Yes, granted NYC is a heavily populated metropolis, but – wait for it – accuser number one and two share a variety of similarities that are not too easy to dismiss.

These two are the same age and demeanor and even in a Metropolis there are a limited amount of venues that cater to the likes of these two bitches.

Trust us!  We know this part well.

Were these two to be polar opposites – like let’s say one from the suburbs and one out of town’er – we’d grant Clash the “predator” moniker easily.  But these two are sisters of the same hood.

Now, its not that we excuse any dealings which may or may not have transpired within such a dalliance but this just has too much of a residual smell of more than a transgression by a gay man who likes them young.

This is us telling you that we don’t easily dismiss the likelihood of Singleton and Stephens being sisterly acquaintances.

Hell, we’d even stake some $$$ we don’t have that these two have crossed paths – on more than one occasion while traversing a KeiKei in the NYC gay scene!

We cannot display this gallery

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Carly Rae Jepsen: Alleged Sex Tape Pics Uproar

Video grabs from an alleged “leaked” Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape scandal presently making the rounds.

What’s a sure fire way, present day, of getting that hot piece of ass you keep eying to give you a late night thought and take you up on your incessant solicitation of “call me, maybe?”  Have your personal video depicting you ready to go down on another suitor leaked.  Cuz in this day and age, it’s all about the visual.  And if that doesn’t extend your 15 minutes, well, you better be ready with a backup plan at a drive-thru.  At least that is how it seems to be playing out for Carly Rae Jepsen – singer of that annoying ass song “Call Me, Maybe”.

Let us tell you that when the key words – sex tape and leaked – caught our attention, we weren’t fully sure who the Jepsen chick was…  Our first response was to think perhaps this was Minka Kelly’s pseudonym in her “alleged” sex tape scandal, which incidentally, and all too conveniently, has come forth as she is set to go into filming of some new project…   Hmmmm, you say?

Someone please tell her an actress she ain’t!

But upon closer inspection, and some light researching, we found Jepsen to be the culprit behind that annoying ass song catapulted into global scale by another annoying ass – Justin Bieber.

Our grievances grow by leaps and bounds this early morning…

But wouldn’t it be a sensation if the alleged piece Jepsen was about to perform oral feats on in the video grabs herein depicted was the Biebs himself?  Don’t feign shock!  It could happen…  And it certainly would explain a whole lot.  Now that is a sensation of epic proportions.  And we would assuredly call her, maybe.

We cannot display this gallery

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Patti LaBelle: Sued for Employing Thug Bodyguards

Patti Labelle at the NYC premiere of For Colored Girls

Say it ain’t so, Patti!  The incomparable Patti LaBelle – Lady Marmalade herself – is now facing being named in a lawsuit stemming from her bodyguards beating on a Houston cadet observed “standing too close to her luggage,” while talking on his cell-phone, reports The Daily Mail.  Sound absurd? Wait for it, there is surveillance video!

In the video, LaBelle’s pricey keep are witnessed approaching and punching the young man and knocking him to the ground after he hits a concrete column.  A hit so hard in fact that brother staggers to regain his equilibrium!

That ain’t right…

Reports state the injured cadet bled everywhere.

We luv and have had the pleasure of making Ms. LaBelle’s acquaintance, so this is all too hard to believe.  But we also know – 1st hand – how overzealous hired thugs can be.   And the video is irrefutable!

And if it wasn’t bad enough – in the same video – police are later seen posing for photos with the legendary chanteuse as if it were a meet & greet and not a potential crime scene!  WTF is wrong with people?

We hope LaBelle makes this right – pronto!

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Andy Dick Sexual Assault Arrest

Andy Dick Arrested - Again - for Alleged Sexual Assault

Comedic actor and sometimes lewd mess Andy Dick, here pictured attempting to tongue Fred Durst at the MTV VMA’s circa 01,  has been arrested for alleged sexual assault in West Virginia, FoxNews reports .

“Based upon statements of two victims and independent witness accounts alleging that he had engaged in unwanted and uninvited groping of the two victims’ genital areas, Andrew R. Dick (AKA Andy Dick) of South Pasadena, Calif., was arrested and charged with two counts of Sex Abuse in the First Degree,” Huntington Police Department statement reads.

The one time uber funny and talented “News Radio” alum has, in recent years, been on a steadfast downward spiral with alcohol and narcotics his constant companion.  Seriously y’all this mothafucka has been thru rehab more times than LiLo and Winehouse put together. 

This marks one additional bout with molestation charges – which violates his 2008 probation on a similar conviction involving a teen. 

Sad part in the story is that Dick is actually funny.  But brotha man, one can only look past a talents shortcomings but so many times before you get written off!

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Charlie Sheen: Domestic Abuse XMas Charge

Charlie Sheen Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges in Aspen

It wasn’t a merry christmas for all, nor for all a good night!  Charlie Sheen has been arrested and charged with domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller, mother of his twin boys, on X-Mas day, in Aspen, Colorado, after a call to 9-1-1 to local police on Friday morn, reports TMZ.

The Two and a Half Men costar was taken into custody and held until he posted an $8,500 bond late friday night, after the alleged incident.  Sheen is being charged on felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief – a misdemeanor, the website RadarOnline reports.

Sheen is no stranger to trouble with a capital T!  Seriously, y’all – from drugs and booze to philandering and escorts to domestic abuse charges – Sheen trumps the rock-star lifestyle.  But this sucks for him and surely jeapordizes his tenure on the hit show where he earns a reported $825K per episode.

The details of his latest incident are sketchy at best, but reports are already surfacing of Mueller’s claims that Sheen choked her, prompting the 9-1-1- call.  She did however fess up to alcohol being involved.  Hmmmm….

“Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion,” his publicist Stan Rosenfield has asked via a statement to TMZ.  Dully noted sir.

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Perez Hilton Beat Down

The princess of all media – Perez Hilton, has gone and allegedly gotten himself a beat down by Black Eyed Peas member and actor, Will I Am.

And what does Princess Perez do? She goes and Twitters it! That bitch is nothing if not a capitalist.

Perez: “I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please. I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

His Twit continued a few moments later with: “Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel. I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here.”

What this Twit doesn’t divulge is what prompted the alleged attack. I want proof! Not that there would be a reason needed… Dustin Lance Black posting anyone?

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Teen Sex Tape Rumored

There is a story floating around the blogger sphere about an alleged teen group sex tape involving a now of age Disney-esque sensation that puts Parasite Hilton’s venture into sex on camera arena to shame!

Queerty reports on a BlindGossip item involving some under-age same-sex group-sex goings on in LA. The plot thickens as it is rumored (if the pic on Q is to suggest anything) to be Zac Efron, while he was under 17.

I will clarify that this is ALLEGEDLY! Cuz I don’t want anyone coming to shut my little site down (hell if I have been able to open the BG link myself!).

I repeat Allegedly as I need to cover my ass cuz I’ve already been assigned a “content warning” due to some puritan dumb fuck face complaining bout my material as “objectionable”! Never mind the under-age ramifications generally meaning not fully age of consent….

Now I know how UN-PC of me it is to say ‘I want to see it!’ but when the fuck have I ever been PC? And hell, if it is Zac, I will walk my skinny ass out West to see this ALLEGE tape, cuz he is some type of yum-ness – and certainly more talented than Parasite Hilton…

So if anyone out there has a copy, I would be most grateful for a copy of a mere screen grab!

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Rihanna Beat Down!

It appears that the Clive Davis pre-Grammy tribute this past weekend was a hit – literally!

The web is abuzz with reports that Rihanna and her toy, RnB singer – Chris Brown, were spotted having an argument after the event that escalated into Brown’s arrest for assault sometime later on February 8th. Brown turned himself in to LAPD and was released on $50,000.00 bail.

Police reports are quoted as stating that “after stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.”

This is the reason for both singers to be MIA at the Grammy’s last night, according to Access Hollywood and LA Times reports. Wow…

She should have Jay Z go after his punk ass and make him a bitch!

Updates: head over to TMZ!

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