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Chris Daughtry: Duracell Toys R Us Stop

Chris Daughtry stops by Toys R Us for toys and Duracell batteries

American Idol’er Chris Daughtry stopped by the Toys R Us Times Square store to pick up a few X-mas presents for his kids.  So of course the batteries had to be included cuz not all toy makers provide the power source for their pricey toys!  Battery of choice for the rocking daddy – Duracell!

We couldn’t be there personally.  But we are thankful to have been afforded these here promotional frames for y’all!  Hows that for a yule tide time?  And we are not how naughty you may have been.  Hell if we wouldn’t throw in some add’l Duracells in their for it…

We absolutely love Daughtry’s toy selection.  For sure his kids are going to think so as well.

Post picking out his toy & power source, Daughtry performed a small set for fans & admirers.  This truly makes us wish we’d known ahead of time cuz we adore his tunes.

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Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert – the American Idol dude – is out to throw gay in your face. And I applaud that of him. Especially since even his relationships are fair game – or not. He has reportedly broken up with his hot twink interior designer beau Drake LaBry… Well, its about the music anyway – dammit!

Here is Glambert’s new single – off his “For Your Entertainment” debut.

The song is cuteness! Will make a fab remix too…

But I still have issues with him going the glam road without loosing the extra poundage. For real Adam, fashion knows no pain. You could’a put down the bon-bons for a spell and had a salad for a bit to sport glam!

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Leona Lewis: Attacked at Signing

Leona Lewis has been punched in the head by a “fan” during a bookstore appearance in London, Reuters reports.

I missed the raging news piece yesterday but Police have said they “charged Peter Kopwalczyk, 29, of south London with assault… [and] detained [him] under the 1983 Mental Health Act.” He is scheduled to appear before a judge on October 26th.

The remaining particulars of the incident are sketchy, cuz clearly this was no regular fan – of hers anyway.

In a statement, Lewis, ITV1’s X Factor 2006 winner, said she’d been left “extremely hurt and upset,” reports the BBC.

Me thinks this is likely some disgruntled X-Factor watcher who is still bent that she beat out his fave some years back – if not having been scarred by this outfit she wore to the Jingle Ball concert at MSG back in December.

But who the hell can blame him! I have had to stop watching SYTYCD and AI myself cuz the fucking judges talk to damn much!

I ain’t the physical type – my manicure is more important – but that don’t mean I wouldn’t tell Kelly “Piggy” Clarkson, Simon “I Ain’t Gay” Fuller or SYTYCD head homo a thing or two were we in a face to face. That’s one serious tongue beating in the making!

All the same, leave it to the Brits to take it up a notch and belt out their disapproval! Can’t wait to see if a video of this brutality surfaces….

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Constantine Gets TONY Nod

American Idol’er Constantine Maroulis is finally able to list something other than being a booted contestant on the FOX talent show. With a TONY nomination, reports TMZ.

Maroulis, here pictured during a celebrity reading of Loukoumis Good Deeds in NYC, is being recognized for his run in the Broadway “Rock of Ages” musical.

Kudos to him! Best of luck come envelope time…

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Constantine Maroulis: Loukoumi’s Reading

A friend asked me to cover the celebrity reading of “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Center on Saturday.

Participating in the festivities were author, Nick Katsoris, Jen’s dad – John Aniston, disco queen – Gloria Gaynor, Soapers Marcy Rylan, Frank Dicopoulos and AI’s Constantine Maroulis, among others. As a favor for my West Coast friends, I couldn’t help but say yes.

Coming clean, I have no problem telling you that I don’t know who the hell Loukoumi is nor why the fuck he feels he has to go and announce his deeds – growing up I was always told good deeds should not be self aggrandized – but who am I to judge!

I walked in and found myself in a sea of babies, which for some is like walking on a broken glass. For me, however, it is something that makes me act stupid with gaga talk and hand gestures (no, not that kind! I generally reserve those for the 17 and over crowd…)

After much fan fare and the obligatory “cast” shots, I started to relax a bit and practice some further gaga talk before the reading commenced. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Constantine leaning on a table with his “package” all compacted and displayed. I was intrigued and went in for a closer look…

What I can report is that the one time American Idol’er packs to the right. I can also conclude that he has something to work with…
He is also highly aware of folks homing in on the zipper! Cuz he almost broke a sweat trying to quickly place the book over his crotch and shortly thereafter changed his stance.

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Simon Dumped

AI’s Simon Cowell has been dumped by his girlfriend of six years Terri Seymour.

This is little shock to me really. I thought it more shocking that she dated him at all! And thought it completely repulsive that he fist met her when she was 18… Nasty troll!

His man-boobs are almost as big as hers. And lets not start on his pasty ass skin! You have to have something wrong with you or be out for serious $$$ to agree to let that get on top of you… Even the thought of it makes me want to upchuck a bit.

But as DListed has pointed out, Cowell is now available to rim himself some more of Ryan Seacrest ass. You know you want to Simon..

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