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George Michael: White Light Single On Horizon

George Michael releases new track titled White Light

He’s Back!  Wham alum George Michael has released his new track White Light.  And the chorus sings Hallelujah.  The official release date isn’t until July 17th but there are already a slew of remixes already floating around online and word is the single has been released to radio.

Give a listen to and find your own significance within Michael’s lyrics which, for us, is clearly about his own dark days and surviving what seemed like a never-ending downward low point that culminated with the icon serving time in a London jail.  Our own personal take on the songs message, which juxtaposes Michael and Amy Winehouse’s untimely demise, is simply about his coming through it all and, as the song declares, he is still here.

We couldn’t be happier for the 49 year old Greek turned Brit.   And in fabulous retro fashion, Michael’s video will feature the last of the super models – Kate Moss.  Now we just need to work on getting him cleared to tour in the USA!

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Amy Winehouse: Dead at Twenty-Seven

Amy Winehouse dies of an apparent overdose at 27 yrs of age in her London flat

This is truly tragic.  Amy Winehouse, raspy voiced chanteuse, was found dead in her London flat by EMS responders, reports state.  Winehouse is believed to have died from an apparent overdose at twenty-seven years of age.

Folks always wonder what causes some in our society to seek refuge in an altered state.

The answer, we believe, stems from the deeply felt disappointment and disillusionment caused by “reality”.

Winehouse will be missed for years to come.

We can only hope she is in a better place surrounded by peace.

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Amy Rocks Out

Amy Winehouse has been holding forte in the Caribbean – St. Lucia to be exact, clad in nothing more than a bikini and skimpy ass Daisy Duke shorts. Looking all too healthy!

And now comes a video, via YouTube (thnx OBP!), of Winehouse rocking out at the piano to a small crowd.

I feel her joy. That’s exactly how my heart sings when I get to feel the sun warming my skin!

She sounds amazing! I can’t wait for her next CD!

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Wino in St Lucia

I dig me the crazy of Amy Winehouse. I don’t care how twisted she gets on her “friend.” I will hold firm that talent merits its personal and artistic liberties!

And now there is a video of crazy dancing topless on a balcony in St. Lucia, brought by The Sun via Princess Perez.

From the looks of her glee, she is rejoicing at the welcoming sunshine! Hell, I totally understand where her un-choreographed number originates. When I get in such sun I get all tribal myself! Just ask some of the Cubans in SoBe that have been seen running from me on Ocean Drive. (Clik on the link above for vid!)

I would like to point out that Wino is looking rather healthy… No?

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Winehouse Jams It Up

Amy Crack-house has a new jam-session video posted on youtube. In her little lacey bra, girlfriend is at the ready on her guitar. She genuinely looks to be flowing with her mate. (I hope the colaboration results in some new material soon girl, cuz the I can only watch you relieving that “Rehab” track but so many times.)

Confirmation that there are drugs in the vicinity come via the “lady in red” and how sista is holding that fag! Pay close attention to her behavior and verbal response. Classic! A clear tell-tale sign…

Rock On, Amy!

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