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Melanie Griffith: Divorcing Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith files for divorce from Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith files for divorce from Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith, 56, and Antonio Banderas, 53, are divorcing after almost twenty-years of married life, reports state.  This marks the end of Griffith’s fourth marriage and Banderas’ 2nd.  The couple have a 17-year-old daughter, Stella, and have agreed to visitation rights.

This might be one of those cases where you find that ‘where there’s smoke, there is a blaze’ given that back in 2012 video surfaced of Banderas getting down on the dance floor with Mallika Sherawat in Cannes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pedro Almodovar: I’m So Excited Trailer

descendantspedroalmodovarThere are few directors out there that can do camp like Spain’s Pedro Almodovar.  Es la pura verdad.  Get a glimpse of Almodovar’s new flick titled “I’m So Excited.”

The teaser looks to be fueled by sexual overtones and gay glee.

It may not be OSCAR material but, in our humble opinion, this looks, to us, as if this will be a laugh from start to finish for the man responsible for the meteoric rise of Spanish cross-over Hollywood fixtures like Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Hugo Silva – who also star in the film.

Expect a 2013 installment to a art theater near you.

Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz at the "Broken Embraces" NY Premiere

Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz at the “Broken Embraces” NY Premiere

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Antonio Banderas: Dancing Up a Breakup Rumor

Spanish sensation Antonio Banderas is in the thick of fending off breakup rumors swirling due to a cellphone video surfacing where he identified dancing up a storm with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat.  The video was shot aboard Microsoft’s Paul Allen’s yacht during the Cannes Film Festival this past May, reports state.

In the video,the Skin I Live In star clearly shows the duo boogieing carefree to a live band.  It also suggest that Sherawat and Banderas were aware they were being taped.

Since Banderas’ wife is not seen in the video rumors immediately sparked of an impending breakup; something the couples’ rep denies.

Banderas and his current wife – Melanie Griffith have been married for sixteen years.

And the thot plickens…

The rumors are further fueled by recent photographs and reports of a Griffith sighting sans her wedding band.

We don’t know what to make of the alleged impending separation other than to think that the Dark Knight massacre, out in the mid-West, is not enough to keep folks in editorial depts busy celebrity wise.

Sad, but tabloid rags often rush to alleged news in the event it comes to pass.  For obvious reasons – ie: having been the 1st to report that it might be a looming.

Sad, but it’s where we are at!

We wish the duo all the best and that this tidbit doesn’t cause any undue conflicts.

Tell em all to suck it &/or come watch as you get it on is another way of handling the nonsense.

People quotes an unidentified source as stating that Banderas and Griffith “seem absolutely fine.  Honestly, they seem happy.”

“I think that you should be able to be honest with your wife: I should be able to tell you that, yeah, sometimes I walk into a party and I feel there are women there that are very beautiful,'” Banderas recently told AARP.

Adding that what is good for the Geese is good for the Gander.

“And you shouldn’t be upset. In the same way, you may see a guy who’s very attractive. The question is, how much will you stretch that? It’s all about balance in life. We all need water, obviously, but I’m not going to drink the pool. I think it’s very important that you know exactly where the limits are.”

Hear here!

And there ain’t nothing wrong with bringing a 3rd into the mix or an open arrangement while we are on the subject.  And it ain’t the tabloids damn business – were it come to such.

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Antonio Banderas: Puss in Boots Opening Day

Antonio Banderas Celebrates 50! Happy Birthday, Papi.

We can’t begin to tell y’all how excited we are for Antonio Banderas’ Puss in Boots opening today.  Yes, we know we are slightly past the nine-year-old mark but the flick looks to be right up our alley.  Sides, a 9 yr old won’t be able to fully appreciate the loaded all be it subtle inuendos of the film.  And we luv ourselves some double entendre!

We are also aware of the other films scheduled to open today.  But as far as we are concerned they don’t stand a chance.  Dreamworks has it in the bag.

This, much like an escort, is a sure thing!

See y’all at the movies.

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Antonio Banderas and RTnM Hotlinks

Antonio Banderas Celebrates 50! Happy Birthday, Papi.

It has been mad ass slow for us here.  And that with an ongoing threat of torrential rains that never fucking comes.  I swear I am goin to have to stop watching the news in addition to the rest of the shit on TV cuz they are forever wrong and it never rains until my ass finally goes out thinking it ain’t going to happen! 

In happier news – a happy birthday to Spanish hotness Antonio Banderas who just turned 50!  Half a century never looked so damn good, papi!

That said I thought to share some other shit circulating online with y’all that has put a tickle in my step.  And as usually the case, I will chime in.  Enjoy!

DListed:  Some Ho says Cristiano Ronaldo’s Peen is Intimidating!  (She cut herself in the foot trying to grandstand how fabulous she was for having hotness want to mount her – even if he really is a 2 minute man girl, it’d be totally worth it!  Who the fuck you trying to kid?)

JustJared:  Jonathan Schaech divorces – again – after a month marriage to Jana Kramer!  (Poor Jonathan!  Switch teams hotness.  I can last longer than a month.)

HitDanBack:  Fantasia is a homewrecker and has a sex tape!  (Wow!  Here’s hoping that helps her lackluster career a bit and possibly generate her some $$$)

Celebslam:  A 2010 Teen Choice Awards Photo Roundup of the Attractive Folks!  (But where the fuck are the men?  Dumbass!)


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TONY Awards: The Men

TONY Nominee and Award Host Sean Hayes at the 64th Annual TONY Awards in NYC

I spoke with my good friend Gin-Gin this morning and he’s told me the ratings for this years TONY Awards came in with the worst numbers ever. 

This could possibly be over-dramatization – he’s prone to that.  I myself was to busy editing to sit and watch the entire broadcast and only caught brief snippets.  Congrats again to winners Viola Davis and Scarlett!

But if those snippets were anything to go on, I might have to go on believing him.  Sondheim is melodic but that song Catherine Zeta Jones’ sang, although beautiful, is a fucking downer! 

Lord knows whenever I sing it I just cry up a storm.  Those fucking clowns man…  And who the hell wants to watch an award show to get all weepy? 

I do think Matthew Morrisson’s rocking number was butch and all – his hair is always so damn perfect – but does Lea Michele really believe she can take on Streisand!  Stop girl, please…  You are no Streisand!  And you are far from Epic!

There is no excuse for numbers lacking though.  Sean Hayes is funny!  That Spidey skit had me in stitches.  I reckon I am easy – I still cackle over Will & Grace…

Well this post is about the men so men I am giving y’all. 

Highlights on the testosterone front:  The boys from Green Day, Mathew Modine, Morrison, Puss-n-Boot’s himself Antonio Banderas, hotness Ryan Reynolds, Constantine Maroulis, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, David Alan Grier and Jonathan Groff!

Hows that for a round up!

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Antonio Banderas: The Secret Launch

Antonio Banderas Debuts his New Fragrance "The Secret," in NYC

We here at RTnM love ourselves some Antonio Banderas.  So when earlier this week we received an invite to cover the launch of  his latest fragrance “The Secret,” at the Instituto Cervantes, we could hardly pass up the opportunity.

We aren’t right sure just what it is about Banderas that causes him to ooze sex appeal – but he does!  Seemingly effortlessly.  Add his Puss-N-Boots voice over in the hit Shrek films in to the mix and we revert back into school girl giddiness.   Not a pretty sight…

Banderas also took the opportunity to couple the scent launch with displaying a series of original photographs – of his own – which will be auctioned off  with all proceeds benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS – one of our fave orgs!

The new scent is a must have and we have been promised a bottle!  We can hardly wait to bathe ourselves in the yummy scent! 

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Shrek Forever After Premiere

The Cast of Shrek Forever After - Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers and Antonio Banderas Kick off the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off last night with the “Shrek Forever After” world premiere.  And it will be a hard act to top. 

What with hotness Antonio Banderas, sexy Cameron Diaz, funny man Eddie Murphy and “do I make you horny” Mike Myers all in tow – a better list will be hard to orchestrate. 

Granted, I am biased having seen all its predecessors and fully intending on hitting the theater for the fourth installation starring that green ogre.  What can I can tell you?  Puss-N-Boots and Donkey are hysterical!

True that Ms. Diaz wore black thus limiting – if not diminishing altogether, the placement of the photo, she did work the step-and-repeat like a viper.  And she sported a pair os tan stilettos.  I am a sucker for a woman in strappy shoes.  So I can’t complain – much.  I don’t know what got into her but she must have pulled out some trick from her modeling days and was shooting sparks!  And we chant ‘Gracias Cameron.’

Throw in the likes of Zach Braff, Donald Faison – with his ivory companion, Robert DeNiro, Dan Abrams, Ariana Grande and icon Melanie Griffith – girl will not let go of that man of hers and who can blame her…  I’d be on it 24/7 given half a chance… and the night will stand tantamount to its box office draw come opening weekend. 

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Channing Tatum: Bronx Son Scene

Channing Tatum Strides the Streets of the Bronx While Filming "Son of No One"

My telling you that Channing Tatum floats my boat with lukewarmed water filled with scented effervescent salts is just plain honest!  Looks, body, talent and personality – all rolled into something with manners.  That’s what you call intense.  He ought to write a how-to book for the less able.

I stopped by the “Son of No One” film set yesterday, after putting in my time at the gym, and patiently waited on his casual stride down the street to his trailer after his interior shoots.

Tatum didn’t disappoint.  A short time into the venture and there was “Knockout.”  The use of this word, as applicable as it is, coincides with the his upcoming flick, opposite Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas, slated for a 2011 release.  Artful of me, you say?  Thank you kindly.

Fortunate for me, Tatum didn’t have on the police officer costume he dons in the film.  I rightly don’t think I could withstand that experience without having an involuntary puberty like moment, so its all good.

Tatum greeted my pressence and carried on, leaving me with a slightly elevated pulse and a few keepsakes.  I, in turn, left him to his work.

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Nine Trailer

Nine is coming my way!

No, I don’t mean inches… lord knows thats harder to get your hands on than, well, eight inches!

I mean the screen adaptation of the famed musical that starred Antonio Banderas on the Broadway stage.

The Rob Marshall big screen adaptation stars chameleon Daniel Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz (don’t get me started!) and French Oscar winner – Marion Cotillard, here pictured at the Costume Institute Gala! (Thanks Popbytes for bringing it to my attention!)

This looks to be as promising as Chicago!

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